Loaves and Fishes

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. ~Edmund Burke

I can remember the first time I had heard the term sex trafficking. I was in high school, where the upper classmen at my school had decided to do an awareness week. Each day of that week, they focused on a social issue in our world today. On the last day, the topic was sex trafficking, and as I read the stories and listened to several of my friends talk about what it was, I could not believe what I was hearing and reading.
I can distinctly remember reading one girl’s story of being sold into sex slavery after being deceived through a false promise of a job offer. I can distinctly remember her brave escape from captivity. I sat with tears running down my face, asking God to give me His heart not just for a social issue, but His heart for the women, girls, and boys whose stories were similar. I did not know much. I did not know anything at all really. But in that moment, there was a yesin my heart to respond to His heart that cried out to see freedom come to those who are bound.
Since that moment, I have learned and seen so much more than I could have dreamed or imagined. Not only have I read stories of survivors, but I have had the honor to look them in the eyes, laugh with them, cry with them, and pray over them. But it all started with a simple moment.
I absolutely love the story of the little boy who gave his simple, small lunch to Jesus. I can just imagine the smile on His face as He took the meager meal, winked at the boy, and blessed it.
I think that is the invitation that He has for us today as His beloved children. So often we look at the statics and the overwhelming task, thinking, “There is nothing I could ever do to change it.” However, the beautiful thing about that little boy is that he wasn’t looking at the five thousand, asking how he could feed all of them. He was looking at Jesus and believing He would do it. He was looking in child-like faith.
I love the truth that sex trafficking does not faze Jesus. He knows every detail of each one of these precious children, women, and men who are trapped in the sex industry. He is intimately aware of every dark corner and every shady place, and the wildest part is He is already there. And He is calling out for His children to join Him, to walk alongside Him, and partner with Him in seeing all things made new.
Dear friend, you are needed. Bring your loaves or your fishes. And see Jesus multiply to free thousands.