Thankfulness 365

Time to read: 2 min

Thankfulness comes in a variety of ways.  It can come in waves, sometimes in pieces, sometimes unexpectedly or right on time. Sometimes it doesn’t come at all or sometimes we just fail to pursue it. This month, it seems to come in a 7 day black or white photo challenge on social media. Some photos light hearted and funny, some photos heartbreaking and meaningful.  What’s interesting about this photo challenge is that it comes with the caveat that the person posting can’t provide an explanation. What would it look like if we took this approach to thankfulness 365 days a year. Without requiring an explanation, because in our souls it overflows. Without having excuses because our grateful hearts outweigh anything else. What if we were thankful for years of opportunity although they’re coming to a final and bittersweet end.  Thankful for the courage we had to start that one thing we’ve let fear conquer for years. Thankful for our business in the midst of the never-ending hustle. Thankful for the purpose when the funding doesn’t come in. Thankful for the rain, when all you want is sunshine. Thankful for the house, even though it is dirty. Thankful for the kids even though they didn’t nap. Thankful for those around you even though they might not say it often enough or at all. Thankful for the love we’ve found that’s not ours to keep.

So we wake up today and Thanksgiving dishes go from full to empty, friends & family pass in and out, will your thankfulness stay? 
Will it stay as loved ones pass away? Will it stay even when the diagnosis comes? Will it stay when the goodbyes get harder? Will it stay when the love you let go doesn’t come back? Will it stay even when God says no?
I challenge you to keep it. Keep it like you do when a loved one is born. Keep it like you do when the diagnosis comes back clear. Keep it like you do when the hellos are sweeter each time. Keep it like you do when the love you let go comes back tenfold. Keep it like you do when God doesn’t say no, just not yet.
Keep it. In every season. 365. 
“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18