We Will Overcome


God is with us through everything,  we just have to believe it.

"And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age" (Matthew 28:20).

A few days ago, I lost my uncle unexpectedly. Clearly it was devastating to me and my family, and rather quickly we became concerned about the future. God never said this would be easy, he just promised us it would be worth it to follow and obey Him.

We know that in this life we will face trials and tribulations; unfortunate and disheartening times certainly will occur. However, thankfully in Christ we know we have someone who will come along side of us during those troubling times.

We can count on our Savior to be there for us, to comfort us, help us to grieve, heal us, and bring us back again. We don't have to fear the future because we can trust in our God who we know will comfort us and bring us through to a better place, as long as we believe and follow Him.

 He truly knows what is best for us, and that in itself shows that he cares so much for each one of us specifically. His omnipresence means that there is not one place we can go where He won't be right beside us; He is always there ready to comfort and guide us.

He is the Comforter, and He is willing to do so much for us.  We just have to be willing to receive His help, and He promises He will make all things new.

At Catalyst Ministries we want to reveal this same promise to those at risk; we want everyone to know that God is with them and for them: that He is fighting for them and loves them unconditionally. He is there with you no matter what your situation or circumstance, and you aren't alone!

He can and will turn a bad situation into something great.

Romans 8:28 states "and we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose".

God is faithful and has the ability to glorify Himself through times of heartache and suffering. We must cling to His promises as we cope with and manage our pain. It is so crucial that we don't forget we have someone there for us no matter what we encounter.

We are conquerors in Christ!

Let's thank Him for His greatness, for His love and comfort for us, and simply that we are not alone and will overcome!