Imagine the difference you can make. Make a difference now.

1. Choose gifts, such as shelter or medical care for sex trafficked girls, that can help rescue and save lives.

2. Pick your gift from the list below and click the donate button to donate now. If you'd like to honor a loved one with your gift or give to honor the memory of a loved one, please indicate this when you choose your gift.

catalyst farms

Over 40 million are enslaved today in the global sex trade. The vast majority of these are women and girls. Your gift will create opportunities to prevent this abuse and help restore women to health and a new life.

Some of the needs your gift will provide to rescued girls are: save housing, vocational training, caring counseling, medical care, food, clothing, education, and reunification with family (when possible).

Catalyst Farms is a residential facility that serves as a transformational home and community for survivors of human trafficking, abuse, and exploitation.

Many needs are addressed at Catalyst Farms, and you can help to bring results for the needs of women.

rescue and sponsor

/ Sponsor a Catalyst Farms survivor: 1 year/$25,000 - 1 month/$2,083 - 1 week/$521

/ Help provide for physical needs/$1,000

/ Equip a Catalyst Farms worker/$50

a garden can transform

/ Create a garden & living area/$1,000

/ Provide a riding lawn mower/$2,000

/ Purchase a gazebo or patio materials/$2,500

/ Provide garden plants/$50

healing from the inside out

/ Provide counseling for a victim/$500

/ Create opportunities for growth & health/$100

/ Give a van/$25,000 or share of a van/$2,500

/ New clothes/$500 or $100

/ Security lights/$200

/ Special celebrations & field trips/$100

/ Food & personal needs/$400 (month) or $100 (week)

/ Vocational training/$500 for full year or share at $50

/ Sponsor an awareness raising event/$2,000

/ Expand Catalyst Farms/$50,000 or share at $10


global partners

We believe holistic and life transformation in the lives of women and children at risk is possible. We believe every person matters to God, and so every person matters to us.

In addition to our initiatives with Catalyst Farms, we also minister in difficult areas of the world like the Middle East and Southeast Asia through our global partnerships.

/ Provide supports for persecuted Christians/$2,000

/ Crisis care for women at risk/$100

/ Help fund field visits in 2018/$50

/ Medical supplies/$25

/ Training and hope for exploited women/$35


single moms

Single moms and their children matter to God. They matter to Catalyst Ministries too. These moms do one of the most important jobs in the world and they do it on their own. We want to help support and encourage these moms in their vital role.

Join us in making a difference for single moms and their precious children today.

/ Training materials for Single Moms' Mentors/$50

/ Single Moms' Morning Out handbook for churches/$50

/ Equip a single mom with vocational training/$100

/ Provide children's programs for single mom families/$100


Other Needs

/ Sewing machine/$150

/ Computers/$500

/ Landscape materials/$25-$300

/ Baby changing station/$250

/ Bibles/$25

/ Catalyst Cafe supplies/$50