Love is action

“Promises to love without putting those words into action are just empty proposals. It’s not tangible until it is actually seen. Love is action.” —Annie Lobert, Survivor of Sex Trafficking


global partnerships

Catalyst has developed partnerships with local indigenous leaders who are working with abused and exploited women to help them find their worth in Jesus Christ, equipping them with skill needed in their new life of freedom.

short term serving teams

There is impact in transporting local volunteers to remote lands to serve victims of abuse and exploitaiton. These volunteers return to the U.S. changed, with a greater desire to see God’s work done at home as well as abroad


Community awareness

Trafficking is a crime that takes place in secret. It thrives in the darkness. But when it is brought to the light, change begins. Become part of a community that shines a light on slavery everywhere you go.


Global Prayer Nights are nights where we come together to rally in prayer around the mission of seeing freedom realized for those that are enslaved. It’s a wonderful night of community, warmth, and sharing. Join us on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Catalyst Café.