Globally, it is estimated there are over 4.5 million victims coerced or forced into sexual exploitation—what is generally called sex trafficking. Sex trafficking, though, is just a branch of a larger system. While not technically considered “sex trafficking,” it is just as exploitive. This system is the commercial sex industry.


4.5 Million

the commercial sex industry

Today, our society permits or advocates for a commercial sex industry that supports sex trafficking through its underlying attitude that it’s okay to buy women’s and men’s bodies for sex. We cannot hope to fight sex trafficking unless we fight the underlying mindset that permits and advocates for pornography, stripping, and prostitution.



According to some studies, 89% of women who are prostituted urgently want to escape prostitution. So often, our society sees prostitution as a choice, but women and children are often compelled to enter prostitution due to a LACK OF CHOICE.  Catalyst believes all such women are equally valuable and deserving of our love and service.



Pornography and sex trafficking are inseparably linked. Pornography does not condemn sexual violence, it normalizes it; it does not condemn illegal, harmful activity, it normalizes it; it does not condemn the sexual objectification and degrading of women, it normalizes it. And our American society is saturated in it.