modern day slavery

“He pretended to be my boyfriend. I thought he loved me.  But I became his property, working as a slave and selling sex.  He made so much money, but I barely had enough to eat.”

There are over 40 million slaves in the world today. This number is more than at any other time in history.  And though almost every country has laws against slavery, slavery is prevalent.  This is because of the corruption and lack of enforcement that exists in so many places today.

No person has a right to steal another person’s freedom. 

God has made us to be free, and He has called us to a life of freedom and peace.  Criminals prey on the vulnerable and on those who are seeking a better life.  They often believe a lie–that there is a job for them, a better life, if they will go with a trafficker.  However, their worst fears are realized when they are enslaved and made to work in brothels and places where sex is sold. Some even serve up to 30 customers a day.  Some work 14 hours a day or more, for seven days a week.  There is no Christmas holiday or special day off for them.  They have become someone’s property.

Catalyst Ministries works to rescue and provide a safe haven for women who have been abused, exploited, and enslaved.  We work hard to help and rescue vulnerable women to live the life of freedom that God desires for them.

 Will you join us?  Help us so that we can reach more women.