By Grace We Are Free


This week we celebrate the Fourth of July, a holiday that signifies freedom. What exactly is freedom, and what does Independence Day mean to you? 
Freedom is a basic human desire, and I think it means something slightly different to each one of us. To me, it is a reminder that we are a land of the free because of our many brave citizens, and because of those who through love of their country, give their lives to protect and serve it.

Independence Day is a reminder of the gift of freedom we have been given and the responsibility we have to maintain it. Freedom is not free, it comes with a cost. As a military spouse, I have come to understand freedom and the price we pay for it in a whole new light; I deeply appreciate the sacrifices and heroism of those who defend our country. 

Throughout my life I've also come to know and experience freedom in the light of Christ. Freedom is not just a humanitarian subject, but it is also a theme of the gospel. We, at Catalyst, associate freedom with our Lord Jesus! Specifically, freedom from the bondage of slavery and human trafficking; freedom from the past, and freedom from guilt and condemnation.

Jesus came to free us, to give us the opportunity to be all that God called and designed us to be. We are called to be free! Galatians 4:3-7 says "He was born to redeem us and set us free, so we would no longer be slaves but instead a son of God." As Christians, we are called away from deception, bondage, destruction, depravity, and away from being a captive!

Christ is a true form of freedom, and He provides lasting freedom beyond our life here on Earth! We experience this true freedom by knowing Him, walking with Him, cooperating with the changes He makes in and through us, and focusing on our service to Him and others. 

Freedom in Christ surpasses everything, and because of that we keep our eyes on Him and depend on Him for all of our needs. Full reliance on Him is the only way to be truly free! He gives us the strength to really live; to live for Him, and that is what true freedom is! We must embrace this freedom that we have been given; celebrate it, and give thanks to God for all we are free to do as followers of Him! Galatians 5:1- it is for freedom that Christ set us free!