From Trash to Treasure: God's Work in Cambodia this Year

Our trip to Cambodia this past summer made it clear: self-perception affects every aspect of your life. Women working the karaoke bars in Cambodia couldn’t see their inherent worth as God’s image bearers. Thanks to Catalyst donors like you, these women received new hope and new life in Christ.

When our team arrived to Cambodia, it seemed trash was everywhere. In the streets, trash. In the open spaces, trash. On the sidewalks, trash. We saw it all around. It smelled. And, it threatened to paint everything with a broad stroke of hopelessness and despair.

No doors contained the karaoke bars; they simply claimed space outside with music and girls making themselves available. We knew much of Cambodia saw these young women as trash too. We did not. Traveling thousands of miles from home, we knew our hosts, a partner ministry with Catalyst, saw them in the light of truth—God’s wonderful

creation. He loved them, so we loved them too.

Their shyness toward us eased a bit when we were able to offer them a brief health clinic. The more we talked, the more they seemed to trust us. Then, we shared the truth that they have great worth and that they were created to be free. Some of them started to cry, as they dared to believe: They weren’t trash. They were loved. By us. By God who created them.

That day, 15 of these young women opened their hearts to Jesus Christ. Later in the week, we saw many of them again for a special party—and more women heard of Christ, also giving their lives to the Lord. All together, over 25 women from the karaoke bars chose to put their trust in Christ.

As 2016 comes to a close, we invite you to partner with Catalyst so more women in Cambodia and around the world might know how God treasures them. Your gifts by December 31 will help us to accomplish our mission in 2017. Thank you for helping women find new hope and new life in 2017!